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Low Back Pain Relief Chesapeake Virginia


Let Me Share With You How Our Specific Chiropractic Treatment and Therapies Can Relieve Your Low Back Pain Fast!

$47 New Patient Special Offer for First Time Patients!

At Precision Spinal Care, we provide high-quality back pain therapy at our office in Chesapeake, VA. We’ll offer you sound advice about your situation and strive to reduce your pain. Whether you have been in a car accident or you’re dealing with chronic pain, we want to be the office you turn to for treatment. Our top priority is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives.

Our comprehensive services may improve the overall alignment of your body. There are many benefits to seeking chiropractic care, and we educate our patients about their different options. We’re known for:

  • Creating customized treatment plans
  • Treating patients with respect
  • Offering convenient office hours

We understand how stressful it can be to deal with back pain, so we make it as easy as possible to use our services. In order to be able to treat our patients as frequently as they require, we work around their schedules with our flexible appointment availability. Call Precision Spinal Care in Chesapeake today to learn more about our back pain therapy.

Our $47 Low Back Pain New Patient Special Includes:

  • Private Consultation: To determine if chiropractic is right for your specific problem.

  • 4 Part Examination: To determine the exact anatomy and magnitude of the injury.

  • Range of Motion Tests: This helps us determine which joints are restricted.

  • Nerve Testing: Specifically finds which nerves are causing the pain.

  • Muscle Testing: Determines which specific muscles are affected.

  • Orthopedic Tests: Tells us if and which ligaments, joints or cartilage is injured.

  • 2 X-Rays, if necessary

  • Tests: The consultation, examination and tests are used to help us determine which therapy would be the most effective in helping you feel better the fastest.

Bonus: A free copy of my book, Live Healthy and Thrive!


100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee:

If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied after the first visit there will be no charge and you can keep my book, Live Healthy and Thrive!


Call Right Now for the $47 Low Back Pain New Patient Special:

Phone: (757) 382-5555

Precision Spinal Care
1305 Executive Blvd, Ste 170
Chesapeake, VA 23320


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