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5 Major Auto Accident Injuries

Dr. Packer with Precision Spinal Care discusses the major injuries that can happen in an auto acident.

  1. Compression Fracture that only happens about 2% of the time the appropriate doctor to see with the in orthopedist and you would have an x-ray or a CT scan done
  2. Mild Concussion and neurocognitive test will be done by a neurologist or a neuropsychologist
  3. Nerve Injury – you will want to see a neurologist to perform an NCD or an EMG
  4. Herniated Disc – you will want to see an orthopedist and an MRI is the gold standard to determine a herniated disc
  5. Soft Tissue Spinal Ligament Tear

Compression Fracture, Mild Concussion, Nerve injury, and Herniated Disc typically only happen 1 out of 4 times in an auto accident. However 87% of the time when someone’s in an auto accident they have what’s known as a soft tissue spinal ligament tear. What most people don’t know is there is a specialized medical test that can identify the exact location and severity of that spinal ligament tear and Precision Spinal Care is the only office in the Hampton Roads that provides these specialized test.

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