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Back Pain Help

Dr. Packer talks about an all-too-common problem of low back pain. Studies show that 85% of the population will experience some debilitating or severe form of low back pain in their life. Back surgeries are unfortunately all too common and of the 300,000 back surgeries performed each year, studies show up to a 40% failure rate and within 5 years after surgery. Leaving the patients no better off then before the surgery.

NUCCA treatment uses an anatometer to measure imbalance. We treate your pain through alignment and rebalanging your spine. Our treatment is very gentle. Requires no hard twisting or popping to the back yet still a very effective corrective technique that restores the spine back to a balanced position. As your pelvic distortion is realigned, your pain is relieved.

Come discuss your back pain and find out how Precision Spinal Care can help you get your life back.