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Can you Get Migraines from a Car Accident?

car_crashWhiplash and Migraines

Previously on this blog we looked at how a misalignment of the Atlas Vertebra can affect your cerebral blood flow and the amount of cerebrospinal fluid your brain and spine receive. To review, receiving the incorrect flow of the right blood or cerebrospinal fluids, which protects the brain and spine from injury, leads to an irritation that manifests itself as Migraines. In this article, we will explore possible reasons that caused that misalignment. 

Auto Accidents and Migraines

            There is no conclusive research showing a definitive cause of migraines, and there may be more than one cause. Though, if you were in a car accident, sustained a sports injury, had a recent fall, or experienced any other type of injury to the head or neck, your migraines may be due to a misalignment of the the Atlas Vertebra.

            Now, you might be thinking that even though you recently sustained an injury to the head, neck, or upper back you are fine because you don’t experience migraines. The truth is they may not develop until months or years after the injury. It only takes a rear-end impact from a vehicle move at 5 MPH to cause whiplash, and that overextension of your neck muscles, and that injury may manifest itself as Migraine headaches months or years after the impact.

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Migraines and Your Birth

            Perhaps, you weren’t in a recent auto accident or any other possible whiplash inducing accident. Maybe you’ve suffered from migraines for your entire life. It is possible that your migraines may be due to a head or neck injury sustain during your birth. If you were delivered by c-section, if the doctor had to use forceps, or if your neck was injured at all during the delivery, you most likely sustained an injury to your upper neck.

            Whether your migraines are due to an injury you sustained as a result of an accident or during your birth, the misalignment of your upper cervical spine causes an irritation to your nervous system. While it may not manifest itself in the form of migraines and headaches until months or years after your injury, and it is possible it may never manifest itself as such, it is important that you see an upper cervical specialist and not risk the deterioration of your health.

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