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Common Car Accident Mistakes

Car accidents are serious. Your body can be injured even without external signs of damage. Avoid these common mistakes if you are ever in an auto accident.

  • Not Filing a Police Report in fear of Insurance Rate Increase
  • Accepting an Immediate Offer from Insurance Company
  • Not understanding that the Body Heals in 3 Phases: Inflammatory, Repair, and Remodel
  • Not realizing Soft Tissue Ligament Tears can be Serious and Permanent
  • Avoid Long Term use of Anti-Inflammatories
  • Missing your scheduled medical treatments
  • Not getting a Specialized Spinal Ligament Injury Test

Review our Auto Accident Treatment Plan and contact us today *This information should not be taken as legal advice. These are our views from historical experience working with accident victims. Consult your attorney for legal advice.