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Diagnostic Testing At Precision Spinal Care

How Is Body Balance Determined? Through Chesapeake Diagnostic Testing

Body Imbalance can be determined a number of ways:

Chesapeake NUCCA Diagnostic Testing will give you the answers you've been looking for!

Anatometer use for testing

  • Head Tilt
  • Restricted Neck Movement
  • Pelvic Distortion
  • Bilateral Body Weight Difference
  • One Leg Shorter Than The Other
  • Nerve Heat Graph
  • Computerized EMG Analysis
  • Specific X-Ray Analysis

The anatometer is an instrument used to measure spinal bio mechanics which help the doctor determine the state of body balance. By using the anatometer we can provide:

  • Precise measurements of postural changes
  • Provide timely and effective patient examinations
  • Reduce the dependency on repeated x-rays, saving you time and money

As a modern chiropractic office, we are committed to using the highest quality research and clinical grade chiropractic instrumentation available for the sole purpose of detecting and correcting of interference to your nervous system. The tools we use for this purpose are SEMG and Thermography.

Nervous System Evaluation

nervous system evaluation

nervous system evaluation

  • We utilize the CLA Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, which is SPACE Foundation Certified, used by NASA, and is in the locker rooms for the athletes of the NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA. These tests are non-invasive, and do not cause any pain, and give our doctors a wonderful insight into how your nervous system is functioning.

Computerized sEMG

computerized sEMG

computerized sEMG

  • Measures electrical impulses from muscles.
  • Shows areas of muscle imbalance through cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.
  • Gives an overall picture of areas of spinal strengths and weakness.

Infrared Digital Thermography

infrared digital thermography

infrared digital thermography

  • Measures heat differences in skin temperature.
  • Shows areas of imbalance where nerves are overactive or underactive.
  • Results will also give insight into stress management.

Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP)/ Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

  • 5 minute evaluation of the body’s ability to adapt to stress.
  • Measures heart rate, skin temperature, and skin conduction.
  • Reveals how your Autonomic (automatic) Nervous System is functioning.

pulse wave profiler


autonomic activity diagram

All three tests are used to calculate your NSFi which is an calculated number from 0-100 that rates how your nervous system is functioning and how your body adapts to stress.

neurospinal index report

neurospinal index report

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