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Healing from that Sports-Related Concussion

High School Athletes and Sports-Related Concussion-Youth-Football-205x205Concussions (SRC)

SRC are gaining more and more attention, as there have been unfortunate and avoidable deaths of high school athletes in recent years, who could have received the proper care after suffering concussions. It’s understandable that a young athlete might want to show their bravado by insisting that everything is fine and they can continue to play their chosen sport.

Though, as parents and coaches, since we have both the knowledge and the experience, we have the responsibility to tell the child what is best for them. That means it’s important for parents of high school athletes, or athletes of any age, to always be aware of the facts of possible injuries their child might suffer and the signs they should watch for.

Whether your child plays high school, little league, or any other level of sport, you should be aware of potential signs of SRC.

Signs of Sports-Related Concussions

  • ?Loss of consciousness
  • ?Seizures
  • ?Amnesia (retrograde or anterograde)
  • ?Disorientation
  • ?Confusion
  • ?Forgetfulness (game rules, score, opponent, etc.)
  • ?inappropriate emotionality
  • ?slow verbal responses
  • ?behavioral and personality changes
  • ?Poor coordination
  • ?imbalance


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A Final Word on Post-Concussion Care

We understand your child wants to continue to play the game, and we understand that you want them to have the best childhood possible. But that best childhood can’t come if they are dealing with chronic physical pain, emotional problems, psychological issues, or even more serious consequences.

That’s why, if that athlete in your home has suffered from a sports-related concussion, it’s important to have your child’s head and neck examined by an upper cervical chiropractor. Misalignments in the upper neck have been shown to cause lingering concussion symptoms due to changes in blood, cerebral spinal and nerve flow from the brain to the body and for the body to the brain. The upper cervical chiropractor will examine their neck for any misalignments that may be the underlying cause of ongoing conditions due to a miscommunication between the brain and the body because of the misalignment

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