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Migraine Specialist in Chesapeake, Virginia

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If you suffer from migraines, you know that they are more than just normal headaches. That’s why you need the help of a migraine headache specialist to address your condition. A migraine is actually a neurological condition that can produce many different symptoms including extreme pain. Many who experience migraines also suffer from nausea, blurred vision, and aura. Let’s discuss how you can go about finding a migraine specialist.

Because migraines are a neurological condition, the best migraine specialist is a doctor who understands the neurology of migraine headaches and specializes in headaches and migraines. Headache centers exist across the country where doctors work to properly diagnose and treat conditions such as migraines. Thus, you are likely to find a top migraine specialist at one of these facilities.

Migraine Treatment

What kinds of treatment may you expect if you are officially diagnosed as experiencing migraines? Often, preventative measures are taken. A journal may be kept, for example, of your eating habits. If you can identify certain foods that trigger your migraines (red wine, chocolate, aged cheeses, and citrus fruits are the biggest culprits), then you will need to avoid such triggers. Other triggers may involve your environment or certain activities.

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Medications may also be used on some occasions. While there is not a definite connection between migraines and seizures, there is some cross over when it comes to medications that are used to treat the two conditions. There are also some symptoms that can occur with both such as aura. Other times, migraines are treated with beta blockers (usually used for patients with high blood pressure) or antidepressants. 

The Cause of Migraines

If you are looking to address your migraine headaches naturally without drugs, an upper cervical chiropractic specialist may be your best choice. Upper cervical chiropractors seek to find the underlying cause of the migraines. If the root cause of the migraines can be identified, the cause may be able to be treated rather than just mitigating the symptoms of migraine headaches. For example, many times migraines can be traced back to a serious head or neck injury. An upper cervical chiropractic practitioner may be able to address the underlying cause of the migraines, by adjusting the top two vertebrae in the neck. The C1 and C2 are found right at the base of the brain stem. This area could be injured with no pain being felt in the neck or head, but the misalignment can cause other complications such as migraines. 


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