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Migraines, Quality of Life, and a Natural Solution

Migraine, Headache, Natural Relief, Drug FreeDo you feel as though your migraines prevent you from fully enjoying your daily life? You are not alone. Dahlof et al. conducted a study of 138 migraine sufferers in order to examine their overall well-being compared to a control group. It was found that the following areas were affected (even when not in a migraine episode) (1) –

  • Lessened vitality
  • Decreased sleep
  • Greater emotional suffering
  • Increased symptom sensitivity

Many migraine patients feel that their condition has taken over their life. Here at Precision Spinal Care, we offer a natural solution that looks at a potential root cause of your migraines. We want you to be able to fully enjoy all aspects of your life without the physical and emotional stress that migraines can cause.

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A Natural Migraine Solution

Your spine is responsible for protecting your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is responsible for sending messages to and from your brain. When the top bone in your spine (atlas) misaligns, this creates pressure within your spinal cord. This pressure causes the messages going to and from your brain to be distorted. This may lead to migraine symptoms, such as head or facial pain and muscle spasm.

Dr. Packer holds the highest certification in NUCCA, a chiropractic technique that is designed to gently realign the atlas vertebra. NUCCA is incredibly precise – this allows for no popping or twisting of the neck. Through realignment of the atlas, tension on the spinal cord is reduced. This allows for proper signals to travel to and from the brain. Having proper signals may lead to reduced migraine symptoms.

Palmer et al. studied 47 patients with non-migraine headaches. After two weeks of care (and only one correction), the subjects had a significant reduction in headache pain. They found that after 3-4 months of care, their headache symptoms decreased by 75% on average. (2)


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