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Neck Injuries, Vertigo and Migraines in Chesapeake Virginia

whiplash_young_driverThat Car Accident and Your Body’s Chain Reaction

So, you were recently in a car accident, and your neck hurts a little bit, but you don’t think it is anything to be too concerned about. Your friends and co-workers tell you to just ice your back, and it will go away. Well, it is always a good idea to apply ice to your neck, so that you can help your body begin the healing process, but it is not a good idea to think ice is the solution to your pain.

Before too long, you will want to seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor, who will examine your upper cervical vertebrae. They will then set you on a plan that may include one or more visits a week, once a month, or whatever time period they deem appropriate for your healthcare. The plan they set you on will be intended to address the underlying cause of your neck or back pain.

Whiplash, Vertigo and Migraines in Chesapeake Virginia

There are several areas that need that blood in order to function correctly. So, depending on which area of the body does not receive the proper amount of blood, various conditions may arise. One of those conditions is vertigo, which occurs when the Vestibular System, which control balance and spatial orientation, is not functioning correctly.

So, what can happen if you don’t seek out upper cervical care. Well did you know that 25-50% of all people who suffer whiplash experience vertigo. Whiplash doesn’t just cause neck injuries. It also causes injuries to the brainstem, and that causes decreased cerebral blood flow in the posterior circulation of the brain can lead to a variety of conditions including vertigo, dizziness, migraines, headaches, neck pain and more.

Upper Cervical Care vs. Vertigo

So, now you can listen to your friends and co-workers who tell you to just ice the injured area, or you can do that and then seek the care of an upper cervical chiropractor. We know your friends and family mean well, but that car accident may have caused a ripple effect throughout your body. Ignoring the pain from your whiplash, could change your life for the worse if you do not take steps to address the underlying cause now.

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So now it is just about taking that first step…

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