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What conditions can you help/not help?

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stylized spine

How Precision Spinal Care Can Help with Your Pain

If you suffer from episodic or chronic headaches, neck or back pain, you might feel like the road to recovery is hard to find. You may have tried drugs that only take the edge off, but don’t really help in the long term.

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Facet Joint

Mechanical Spine Pain

Once ligaments tear, they heal with random cross fibers but without elastin which gives them their flexibility. This situation leaves the ligament stiffer, weaker, and more sensitive to pain. They DO NOT heal back to normal on their own.

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Bulging and Herniated Discs

Having a bulging or herniated disc can be scary – and painful. Understandably, many people want to explore their treatment options and get back to a pain-free normal life as soon as possible.

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Spine x-ray

Spinal Imbalance

A misaligned spine creates joint pressure and abnormal loading on tissues. Misalignment leads to degenerative changes in the spine not because just of age but because of years of abnormal loads on the structures of the spine.

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woman in pain

When to Avoid Chiropractic Care

Have you wondered whether or not you should try chiropractic but are worried about it because you have a pre-existing medical condition? While chiropractic is perfectly safe for most people, it is not for everyone.

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